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Lamellpuit OÜ is situated in Estonia. Our main activity is to provide loghouses from laminated logs. We designing, producing and constructing houses according to customer needs.

For designing we use Archicad program. Our engineers are well-skilled – every year they make projects for more than 40 different loghouses.

The ordered houses will be produced in CAD-CAM guided machine. All process is handled according to ISO 9001 : 2000. We can provide up to 204 mm thickness wall. Our houses are made from pine. Log is glued from two or three layers of wood, with the heartwood – the strongest part of the wood – always at the surface of the log. Laminated logs do not settle, twist, or crack; laminated log is also an easy-to-use building material, as the result is always clean, beautiful, and well-finished.

We have well trained log building knowledge professional team for constructing log houses.

Delivery times starts from 4 week ready in factory. All process is based on written and signed agreement.

Put Your loghouse interest to the “way” and I hope to see You nearest future!


Mr. Jaano Helmeste

manager of Lamellpuit OÜ

e-mail: info@lamellpuit.ee

phone: + 372 51 01 869